Connecting and Using Helpscout with Fuzed

Updated 8 months ago ​by Jake Hower

To connect and use Helpscout with Fuzed please follow these instructions.

1. Go to your Account Settings page inside Fuzed.

2. Select Helpscout from the “Not Connected Services”

3. Note down your “Callback URL” and “Secret Key” as you will need this in a future step. Then select “Switch On”

Helpscout Switch On

4. Login to Helpscout and navigate to your Apps Page

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Build a Custom App”

6. Select “Create App”

Create App

7. Title your app “Fuzed”, select “Dynamic Content” as your content type, enter your “Callback URL” and “Secret Key”, select the mailboxes you want this app to show in. Then select “Save”.

Custom App

8. Navigate back to your Fuzed Dashboard, click on the cog and select “Edit” next to your new Fuze called “Helpscout Connection”


9. Turn on the CRM you want to display information from, then select “Close”

CRM Select

You are all done. Next time you navigate to a helpdesk ticket Fuzed will display the contact information related to that ticket requester in the sidebar.

Helpdesk Sidebar


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